The strategic plan set forth below has been developed based on input from School of Education (SOE) faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Feedback also was solicited from our school district and agency partners.

As you review this document, you will note that it begins with the SOE’s vision, mission, and core values. Following this section, the SOE’s pillars of strength and cross-cutting themes are discussed. The final section outlines the specific goals and objectives of the strategic plan that will be used to realize the promise of the identified pillars of strength.

Progress toward the accomplishment of the goals of this plan will be assessed annually by the SOE Leadership Team. An annual progress report will be developed and shared with SOE faculty, staff, and students. Using input from a team of faculty and staff, the goals of the plan will be adjusted, as needed, based on the results of annual progress assessments.

Goal I: Facilitate a Positive, Balanced, and Productive Work Environment

We will differentiate faculty workload, and link it to the accountability system, in order to reflect individual strengths and school/university missions.

Rationale and Readiness:

Enhancing the work environment is important to productivity. Differentiating faculty workload to address individual strengths and school/program goals is one means to this end. This practice would allow us to more efficiently deploy our most precious resource—human capital.

Goal II: Innovate in Teaching

We will develop, implement, and validate innovative instructional models and strategies for the preparation of education, health, and wellness professionals to serve diverse communities.

Rationale and Readiness:

In order to remain relevant and competitive, the School of Education must innovate to address the current challenges of our society, and adapt to the expectations of the digital natives that are beginning to populate institutions of higher education. It will be important for us to respond in new and creative ways to market needs in order to leverage our strengths and set us apart from others. We need to not only embrace ways to serve students well in the local market, but also embrace ways that will expand our market reach, and establish our leadership on the national and international level.

Goal III: Innovate in Research

We will conduct leading edge, innovative research and scholarly activities addressing today’s most vexing challenges in the areas of education, health, and wellness in order to create a better tomorrow for our community and for our world.

Rationale and Readiness:

Universities serve a critical role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. No other institution in our society is as well-positioned to serve this function. It is through discovery and the generation of knowledge that we progress as a society and remain strong as a nation. The UAB School of Education takes this responsibility seriously by conducting innovative, cutting-edge, entrepreneurial research that addresses real-world problems. We will build on our demonstrated strengths in areas such as literacy/language development, STEM education, the education of diverse populations, and health and wellness issues in creating knowledge that will change the world.

Goal IV: Innovate in Service

We will work within UAB, the local community, the state, the nation, and beyond to advance the profession and to use our professional expertise to help provide unique perspectives and create innovative approaches in areas of critical need.

Rationale and Readiness:

As leaders in our fields and good citizens of our professions, the faculty and staff of the UAB School of Education have a responsibility to work with partners within UAB, the local community, and beyond in strengthening our profession and making our world a better place. We will work with these partners to develop and implement innovative approaches to meeting our shared goals.

Goal V: Establish Our Brand

We will establish a brand to showcase our uniqueness and impact.

Rationale and Readiness:

In order to enhance our competitiveness and distinguish ourselves from others, it is important for us to delineate and communicate our brand. Our brand will be useful to us in our recruiting efforts, and in communicating with others about our contributions. It will assist us in raising our profile within the university, as well as within the local, national, and international professional communities.