judy rapp“Working with the students as an adjunct professor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham is indeed a pleasure. While I expected to see a wide-range of the typical college student, I found that there is indeed nothing ‘typical’ about today’s UAB college student. I thoroughly enjoy teaching in a wildly diverse environment. Numerous students are attending class from other countries, many are continuing toward a higher educational degree, and some are making a mid-life career change. Today’s generation college student may be married, have children, or work part-time to full-time jobs. What is most rewarding to me about working with UAB students is that they seek accurate information, sound advice and support, and have a genuine thirst for learning.”

Judy Rapp
Adjunct Faculty in Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The School of Education is proud of its alumni.  Our students go on to become award-winning teachers, education administrators, education consultants and leaders in their fields.

Whether you graduated last year, ten years ago, or thirty years ago, we value you as members of the UAB community.  I encourage you to see your role in our success. We have alumni representing education through all walks of life: as the State of Alabama’s Finance Director, Chief Program Officer for an International Orphanage, and finalists for the National Teacher of the Year Award.

As alumni, you continue to astonish us with your ability to shape the lives in your communities. There are many ways for you to become involved with the UAB School of Education and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to ensure that all alumni stay connected not only with the School, but also with their fellow UAB alumni and the broader UAB community.

Thank you in advance for your continued interest and support of UAB.
Deborah Voltz, Ed.D.