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Departments and Subject Codes

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Select CUIN to search all courses in the department.
Educatonal Technology EDT
Elementary and Early Childhood Education ECE, EDC, EEC, ELE,
English as a Second Language EESL
General Education EDU
Reading Education EDR
School Psychometry ESP
Secondary Education EHS, EMS, GEO
Single Subject K-12 EDA, EMU, EFL
Special Education ECT, ECY, ESP
Teacher Leadership EDC
Department of Human Studies
Select HS to search all courses in the department.
Counselor Education ECG
Educational Foundations EDF
Educational Leadership EDL
Educational Psychology and Research EPR
Health Education HE, HPE
Kinesiology KIN

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Online Degrees

Alabama Educator Certification
Online Option 

 ProgramConcentrationCertificate OnlyMastersEducational Specialist
Community Health and Human Services  Community Health    
Human Services    
Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood  
Early Childhood and Elementary Education    
Elementary Education  
Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) Physical Education  
Reading Education Reading Education  
Special Education School Psychometry    

*For individuals with Alabama Class B Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, there is an online program option that will result in Class A Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  With this option, you will earn a M.A. Ed. in either Early Childood or Elementary Education.

Online Courses

 The following courses have been offered in the past or are scheduled to be offered during an upcoming semester. 

  • Early Childhood & Elementary Education
    • EEC302 Expressive Arts (P-6)
    • EEC 540  Advanced Workshop in Education
    • EEC 610 Cur Dev in Ec and Elem Edu
    • EEC 620 Teach Math
    • EEC 621 Teach Language Arts P12
    • EEC 625 Critical Pedagogy N-6 Educ
    • EEC 660 Read Teach Learn
    • EEC 670 Studying the Child in School
    • EEC 673 Teac in Multi Cultural Society
    • EEC 674 Language Development
    • EEC 691 Practicum in ECE/Elem
    • EEC 695 Prac Supervision in ECE/ELE
    • ECE 748 Research in Infancy
    • ECE 749 Adv Early Childhood Curriculum
    • ECE 760 Current Issues in Education
    • ECE 798 Non Dissertation Research
    • EDC 694 Curriculum Seminar
    • EDC 711 Analysis and Eval of Teaching
  • Educational Foundations
    • EDF 601 History of Amer Curr Thought
    • EDF 601 History of American Curr Thought
  • Educational Psychology and Research
    • EPR 688 Current Iss: Meas/Eval Sch Sem
    • EPR 792 Mixed Methods Approach/Ed Res
  • English as a Second Language
    • EESL 617 Teach Eng Global Cont
    • EESL 627 Teaching Adult Language Learner
    • EESL 640 Teach ESL through Read and Write
  • Community Health and Human Services
    • HE 141 Personal Health
    • HE 222 Concepts of Health and Fitness
    • HE 402 Mental Health and Stress Mgt
    • HE 404 Global Trends in Hlth Educ
    • HE 408 Drug Use and Abuse
    • HE 423 Human Sexuality
    • HE 502 Mental Health and Stress Mgt
    • HE 508 Drug Use and Abuse
    • HE 523 Human Sexuality
    • HPE 200 Quality of Life
  • Kinesiology
    • KIN 607 Principles of Coaching
    • KIN 643 Curriculum Development in Physical Education
    • KIN 645 Advanced Motor Development
    • KIN 647 Strategies and Issues in K-12 Physical Education
    • KIN 649 Adapted Physical Education
  • Reading Education
    • EDR 442 Reading in Content Areas
    • EDR 551 Reading in Content Areas
    • EDR 650 Teaching Reading P-12
    • EDR 655 Read Assessment and Eval
    • EDR 659 Research and Prob Reading
    • EDR 690 Internship in Reading
  • Secondary Education
    • EHS 556 Classrm Mgt in Sec School
    • EHS 616 Teach Math Sec School
    • EHS 651 Innov Practices Teach Sec School
  • Special Education
    • ECT 601 Spec Ed Portfolio Process
    • ECT 650 Master Sem Collaborative Teach
    • ECT 651 Assessment Foundations in Special Education
    • ECT 652 Char of Chd/Yth w L&D
    • ECT 653 Char Stu Low-Inci  Dis
    • ECT 657 Met K-12 Stud w/Low Inc Dis
    • ECT 658 Advanced IEP Prog Dev
    • ECT 659 Plan/Mng Teach/Learn Environ
    • ECT 660 Positive Behavior Support
    • ECT 704 Collaboration Consultation
    • ECY 300 Survey Special Education
    • ECY 43128 ECY 600 Intro to Exceptional  Learner
    • ECY 637 Assessment of Young Children with Disabilities
    • ESP 600 Seminar in School  Psychometry
    • ESP 627 Practicum in School Psychometry
    • ESP 628 Individual Assessment of Children and Youth Part I
    • ESP 629 Individual Assessment of Children and Youth Part II
    • ESP 689 Internship School Psychometry