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The UAB School of Education is home to a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as educator preparation, counselor education, health education and kinesiology (formerly physical education).

Online Degrees & Courses

Online programs at the UAB School of Education provide access to our award-winning faculty while offering the convenience of digital learning.

Program of Study Checklists

Completing a UAB School of Education program doesn’t just take hard work, it requires taking the correct courses.  A program of study checklist (as well as your advisor) is your best guide to completing your degree.

Paying for a Program

Tuition & Fees

Learn about the costs associated with earning an undergraduate or graduate degree at the UAB School of Education.


The UAB School of Education offers over 20 scholarship opportunities for future educators, counselors, kinesiologists and health and wellness professionals.  You must apply to be considered for a scholarship, so be on the lookout for the application.

Enrolling in a Program


Your future at the UAB School of Education starts with admissions.  Learn about deadlines, admission requirements, how to apply and who to contact if you have questions.

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Search the class schedule to learn about when specific courses are being offered.


Visit our deadlines page to stay of top of application deadlines.