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judy rapp“Working with the students as an adjunct professor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham is indeed a pleasure. While I expected to see a wide-range of the typical college student, I found that there is indeed nothing ‘typical’ about today’s UAB college student. I thoroughly enjoy teaching in a wildly diverse environment. Numerous students are attending class from other countries, many are continuing toward a higher educational degree, and some are making a mid-life career change. Today’s generation college student may be married, have children, or work part-time to full-time jobs. What is most rewarding to me about working with UAB students is that they seek accurate information, sound advice and support, and have a genuine thirst for learning.”

Judy Rapp
Adjunct Faculty in Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) - The Center for Teaching and Learning is open to all faculty and is focused on supporting excellence in teaching that promotes learning through a commitment to pedagogical best practices, appropriate and effective use of technology, and innovative collaboration.  Visit the CTL's website to learn about their upcoming workshops and resources.

Sterne Library - All part-time faculty are eligible to receive library privileges to Sterne Library (adjacent to the Education Building). Go to the Sterne Library circulation desk to obtain your temporary pass. If you have problems, contact the administrative assistant in your department. Sterne Library houses numerous books and professional journals related to various curriculum areas. The library also has computers available for on-line searches and can provide tours or overviews of the facility. To learn more about the resources available at Sterne Library, contact Imelda Vetter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204-934-6364 or 205-934-8496). Browse the resources available in the library by visiting the Sterne Library Online Catalog.

Professional Development-Workshops vary by semester, however some information is available through webinars and powerpoints. These include:

To file a formal complaint:

For Students

  • Non-Academic Conduct Officer 205-975-4412
  • Disability Support Services 205-934-4205
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success 205-934-6290

For Faculty and Staff

  • HR Consultant/Employee Relations 205-934-4458
  • Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer 205-934-5321
  • Office of the Provost 205-934-0622
  • Office of the Vice President for Equity and Diversity 205-934-8762

The University encourages people to report sexual harassment incidents. However, there are confidential counseling services on campus to help you explore your options and obtain support.

For confidential support:

For Students

  • The Women’s Center 205-934-6946
  • The Counseling & Wellness Center 205-934-5816

For Faculty and Staff

  • The Resource Center 205-934-2281

IDEA Evaluations

  • Blackboard Course Shells - Once you have been fully processed through the system, you will be added to your course.  This will automatically give you access to a Blackboard course shell.  A course shell is basically an empty course where you can being building your course.  If you are using the course materials from a previous instructor, you can request that those materials be migrated from from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Blackboard Learn - UAB's Learning Management System. 

  • Course Design and Development  UAB Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Problems with technology equipment in the SOE classroom - Call ASKIT from the provided classroom phone (205-996-6555) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Downloading your Class Roster- Class rosters are available through Blazernet. Once you log into Blazernet using your user id and password, click on the “faculty resources” tab.  On the right side of the page, you should click on “class rosters”.  A list of your classes will appear.  Click on the class name and number to gain the class roster.

  • Academic Calendar

  • IDEA student evaluations

  • Evaluation of Adjuncts -  Evaluation form.  You will receive a copy of the evaluation that should be signed and returned to the department.

  • online tool for preventing and detecting plagiarism. Visit

  • Email Communication-Adjunct faculty are requested to use their UAB as the official means of communication with their students. To set up an email, please visit

    • Student course evaluations will also be provided to you after the end of each semester.
  • Textbooks- For each textbook needed for your class, the most efficient way for you to order your instructor copy is through the publisher’s online request form. If you find a particular publisher wants the order placed by the department, please give Nancy Timpa (C & I) or Juanita Turner (HS) the following information:

    • Course prefix, number, and name
      Name, author and ISBN number of each textbook needed
      Projected enrollment for the course
      Semester for which books are needed
    • You will be sent an email on how to let the bookstore know which books the students will need in your class. If you are using a different book than other sections of the class, you will need to get approval from the program director.  Books can be loaned to you from the bookstore until your books come in. Please do not write in the loaned books.
    • Links for bookstores on campus:
      Barnes & Noble-
  • Course Master- Each part-time instructor will be assigned to a course master who will be available to assist and/or mentor you with the courses you teach.  In making the mentor assignments, we will match you with the course master who typically teaches your assigned course or who has expertise related to the content of the course.

  • Syllabus Information-Normally, you will be sent a sample syllabus for the class you are teaching that includes all the standards/outcomes information already completed. Any changes to the syllabus should be approved by the program director/coordinator or mentoring faculty and should meet established standards for the course. Any high stakes artifacts for a course cannot be modified or changed.  An electronic copy of your syllabus should be sent each semester to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and cc the department chair, Dr. Lynn Kirkland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (C & I) or Dr. Kristi Menear This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (HS)

  • Copying- We encourage you to use the copier in the departments to send yourself pdfs of documents so you can either email them to your students or post them to your course shell on Blackboard Learn. You can also give exams through Blackboard Learn. However, if you need to make paper copies, please plan sufficient notice of the request.

  • Testing for online/blended courses through ProctorU- If an online instructor (faculty or adjunct) chooses to require students to use ProctorU, a note about the requirement and the fees must be in the comment section of Banner when the student registers for the class. If the information is not in Banner, then the instructor cannot expect students to pay for ProctorU’s services.

  • Checking the Schedule-Login to Blazernet. Click under Faculty Services. Click on Class Schedule. Select the semester and year in the dropdown box.  Select the prefix of your course such as EEC, EPR, ECG, etc.  Hit “class search” at the bottom of the page.

  • Students Who Need to Drop/Add Your Class-Specific dates are given on the UAB Student Calendar that will inform students when they can drop/add a class. Typically the deadline for drop/add is one week after the first day of classes. As the instructor, you can make the decision to add students.  You can do this by signing a university drop/add form that should be provided by the student, who should take the form to the Registrar’s Office. You can also add/drop a student in your class electronically by going to Blazernet and Faculty Services.  Prior to classes beginning, if your class is full, but you are willing to add a student, you will need to ask the departmental administrative assistant or the appropriate program director/coordinator for a course adjustment form for the student. After classes have begun, students should add the class using a signed university drop/add form.

  • Class Attendance-The department does not have a uniform policy on students’ class attendance or tardiness to class.  This is left to the instructor's discretion.  However, departmental faculty are uniform in their expectation that attendance is required.  Your course syllabus must contain a statement related to your attendance and tardiness expectations and the consequences for failing to comply with your expectations.  Please be diligent in consistently implementing the policy throughout the semester. During the course of a semester, students may encounter unexpected crises or extenuating circumstances.  In such instances, we recommend that you tactfully request documentation from the student. The university regards excused absences as related to jury or military duty, disabilities (when registered with Disability Support Services), participation in university –sponsored activities, and other extenuating circumstances. Students should fill out a “Sponsored Activity and Class Conflicts Accommodations Form” online.

  • Early Alert System- The Early Alert system allows instructors to notify students who are having issues in a course. Student issues may involve problems with attendance, incomplete assignments, poor grades, etc. Letting students know that instructors are monitoring their progress is a strong incentive to improve participation. As a result, the Early Alert System is a core component of the UAB undergraduate retention and graduation initiative. Please review your class roster/s and submit early alerts for any student at several critical points in the spring semester, when intervention with students can produce the most beneficial results. The final date for reporting is typically one week prior to the withdrawal deadline

    To submit alerts, please click "Enter BlazerNET" below and then click the "Early Alerts" link on the green bar near the top of the page. If you have no students for whom to submit alerts, please select the "No Alerts for this Course" option.  If you have questions about the Early Alert system, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Class Cancellations-Should the need arise for you to cancel a class, please notify students through email about the cancellation. Please inform the program director for your area about the cancellation also. Weather related class cancellations are sent through the UAB Emergency Notification System and WBHM (90.3FM).  Faculty, adjuncts, staff, and students can register their cellphone numbers on Blazernet. Log into Blazernet using your Blazerid and strong password.  Click on the Employee Resources tab at the top of the page.  Click on “Emergency Information” under the “Quick Links” found in the top right hand corner of the page.

  • Disability Support Services-Students who are registered with the Office of Disability Support Services may present you with a letter describing any accommodations that might be needed in order to help the student to be successful in your class.  This multicopy form should be signed by you and sent to DSS in Hill University Center, rm. 516.  The phone number for DSS is 934-4205.  The accommodations listed in the letter should be discussed with the students and implemented during the entire semester.

  • Final Exam Week-You are not required to give a final exam, however, university policy is that classes should meet during the scheduled exam period.  If no exam is given, the exam period may be used as a regular class session and could involve course wrap-up activities, student presentations, and other activities as appropriate.

  • Grading and Grade Submission-Your syllabus should clearly indicate the criteria for assigning the course grade.  This should include a list of all tasks, assignments, tests, and other factors that are used in calculating the grade, when the above are due or scheduled, and the point value or weight for each.  If you assign term papers, projects, or presentations, we recommend that you develop specific grading rubrics and share them with the students

    • Late Assignments
      We do not have a uniform departmental policy regarding the acceptance of late work.  This is left to the instructor's discretion but should appear in the course syllabus.  If you will not accept late assignments, indicate this policy on your syllabus and specify the consequences (e.g., receiving a zero for that assignment).  If you accept late work, then your syllabus should indicate any penalties or consequences.
    • Grade Submission
      All grades are posted online. You will be sent an electronic notification by email when grades are to be posted.  Instructions for posting grades are sent in the electronic notification.
      • If assigning an incomplete (I), please be sure that the student has a way to get the incomplete work to you by the end of the subsequent semester.  If the work is completed within the second sememter, you can change the grade via Blazernet under Faculty Services. Otherwise, the incomplete (I) automatically turns to an F for the grade. If the grade change occurs more than one semester after the incomplete was given, you will need to complete a paper grade change. Contact your faculty mentor or program director/coordinator and he/she will help you process the grade change. 
      • If you are teaching a graduate course, please note that a grade of D cannot be assigned.  Acceptable final letter grades are A, B, C, and F.  If you have questions concerning grade submission, consult with your faculty mentor. 
      • If you teach a class that contains a high stakes artifact/key assessment, the artifact/key assessment should be posted in Taskstream prior to releasing a grade for the course.
  • Grade Disputes-Occasionally, students will contest their course grade.  Our policy on grade disputes is that the instructor and student first try to resolve the issue.  This typically involves meeting with the student and reviewing his/her performance on all elements that are used to calculate the final grade.  If the grading portion of your course syllabus is explicit, then matters are often resolved during this meeting.  You are in no way obligated to provide students with opportunities to redo assignments or perform extra credit tasks. If, after the initial meeting, a change of grade is in order, you can complete the change online by going to Faculty Resources, last column under “grade change”. Contact your faculty mentor or program director for assistance in processing a change of grade form.  If the final grade stands as a result of the meeting, the student may further contest the grade by writing a letter of appeal to the department chair.  The chair would then schedule separate meetings with the student and instructor and make a decision as to the final grade.  The final level of appeal is to the Dean of the School of Education.  The Dean would schedule separate meetings with the student and instructor and render a final decision.Returning Materials to Students After the End of the Semester-Please check with your department to see where you can place graded materials for student retrieval. Student work cannot be placed in the hallway due to confidentiality reasons.Academic Misconduct-Report all academic misconduct to your course master, program director/coordinator, AND the department chair. 

  • Parking Privileges-Due to budget constraints, we do not pay for parking privileges in the School of Education parking lot.  If, however, you want School of Education parking privileges, contact Transportation Services at 934-3513.