IDT Computer Labs and Classroom
RoomNumber of ComputersScheduling
EB 149A 24 Reserve
EB 149D 0 (24 person seating capacity) Reserve
EB 149S 28 Reserve
EB 149F 0 (40 person seating capacity) Reserve
Meeting Spaces
NameApproximate Seating CapacityScheduling
Curriculum and Instruction Conference Room 4-5 Contact: Nancy Timpa
Counseling Conference Room 15 Contact: Larry Tyson
Dean's Conference Room 12-15 Contact: Kathy Lowe Tubbs
IDT Collaboration Room 7-8 Contact IDT Lab Assistant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Regional In-Service Center Conference Room 8-10 Contact: Dede Merk
IDT Conference Room 15-20 Contact: Kathy Lowe Tubbs