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Your Name
Your Position
Department of Human Studies, School of Education
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1720 2nd Ave S., EB 207, Birmingham, AL  35294-1250
Office Associate's Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX

Curriculum and Programs

Retta Evans
Keith Gurley
Tondra Loder-Jackson
Cindy Petri
Jane Roy
Kathy Scott
Melanie Shores
Sandra Sims
Susan Spezzini
Larry Tyson
Tommy Smith
Diane Pevsner
Lou Anne Worthington

Diversity Committee

Wajih Ahmad
Loucrecia Collins
Gary Peters
Michele Sims
Deborah Strevy
Yu-Mei Wang

Faculty Issues

Charles Calhoun (2014-2016)*
James Ernest (2015-2017)*
Retta Evans  (2015-2017)*
Laura Forbes (2015-2017)*
Gary Hunter (2014-2016)*
Andrew McKnight (2014-2016)
Tonya Perry (alternate) (2015-2017)*
Tommy Smith (2014-2016)
Melanie Shores (alternate) (2015-2017)

Faculty Professional Development Committee

Jeremy Clabough (2015-2017)*
Loucrecia Collins (2014-2016)
Keith Gurley (2015-2017)*
Betty Nelson (2015-2017)*
Josie Prado (2014-2016)
Jane Roy (2014-2016)

Student Advocacy and Awards Committee

Wajih Ahmad (2015-2017)*
Lois Christensen (2015-2017)
Grace Jepkemboi (2015-2017)*
Gary Peters (2014-2016)
Tonya Perry (2014-2016)
Tashara Walker (Ex-officio)
Larrell Wilkinson (2014-2016)

Assessment Committee

Loucrecia Collins
James Ernest
Lynn Kirkland
Lee Meadows
Gary Peters
Diane Pevsner
Melanie Shores
Sandra Sims
Scott Snyder
Susan Spezzini
Larry Tyson
Vanessa Vega
Shirley Wilson
Lou Anne Worthington (chair)

Executive Committee
Debbie Voltz
Lou Anne Worthington
Lynn Kirkland
Kristi Menear
Leadership Committee

CUE Director—Tonya Perry
MMFLC Director—
CEA Director—Scott Snyder
OSS Director—Tashara Walker
Development Director—Lori Green
Technology Director—Tyler Bryant
Affirmative Action Officer—Charles Calhoun
Business Officer—Tina Phillips
FIC Chair
C&I Chair—Lynn  Kirkland
HS Chair—Kristi Menear
Associate  Dean—Lou Anne Worthington
Dean—Debbie Voltz