S.K. William Summers wins the UAB School of Education Conceptual Framework logo competition

williams-summers-with-conceptual-framework-logoFaculty members in the UAB School of Education want to thank all students who submitted logo entries in last year’s logo competition. By involving our students in the process of revising and refining our Conceptual Framework, both faculty and students have reflected on why and how we go about the business of preparing educators and health professionals. Spearheaded by Dr. Veronique Zimmerman-Brown, this competition reflected the true spirit of a professional learning community as both faculty and students reflected on our guiding principles, beliefs, and values.

An alternative fifth-year student in English Language Arts, S.K. William Summers competed with numerous undergraduate and graduate students to create a new logo for the UAB School of Education Conceptual Framework.   Although there were many exceptional entries, S.K. Summers’ entry was selected by School of Education faculty because they believed it best encapsulated our Conceptual Framework Mission, Values, and Themes.  This new logo appears throughout the School of Education and is embedded in our syllabi, handbooks, and other foundational documents.  Our Conceptual Framework provides the structure for all of the School of Education programs and community outreach.

Born into a military family, S.K. Summers has traveled extensively and moved 17 times during his childhood.  Of these moves, approximately one-third of them brought his family to the Birmingham area. S.K. Summers describes Birmingham as his ideal city and has made this area his home.  He graduated in graphics design/digital media from the University of Alabama in 2010, and he is currently employed as the Bishop’s Secretary at the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham.  In a recent interview, he stated that his work at the Diocese has afforded him many opportunities to design various conceptual frameworks and to create numerous visual representations reflecting theological concepts for the Catholic Church. In his current job, he is able to combine his love of digital media with his deep faith.  He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, where he received the honorary title of Sir Knight this last winter.

S.K. Summers currently is completing his master’s degree on a GI Scholarship, and he believes providence has guided him to pursue his teaching degree here at UAB.  During a recent interview, S.K. Summers said that his experiences in the School of Education have been extraordinary.  What has most impressed here at the UAB is the intellectual curiosity of both students and faculty. He stated, “I have found the atmosphere here to be one of genuine scholarship and goodwill because both faculty and students value diversity in thought and greatly respect different viewpoints and perspectives.”  S.K. Summers describes Dr. Tonya Perry as inspirational to him, and he has greatly appreciated her guidance and support through his tenure in his program.  He will complete his internship in spring 2014.  Upon graduation, S.K. Summers hopes to combine his love of theology and English to gain a teaching position in a Catholic school setting.

Faculty members congratulate S.K. Summers for winning this competition and hope to continue to support and provide him with the best education possible here in the UAB School of Education. We also appreciate everyone who submitted an entry; your engagement in this process was inspiring and we greatly value your commitment to help us to refine and revise our Conceptual Framework.