Amy Dagley
Assistant Professor | Educational Leadership
EB 223
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Miscellaneous Information


My teaching experience ranges from rural Alaska to urban higher education, and my philosophy of teaching has varied little over the years. In a world where we are inundated with information, I believe in teaching my students to think. Future school leaders must be able to sift through the flood of information to determine what is relevant, what is quality research, and know how to use it to improve a school setting. I teach a variety of educational leadership courses where we discuss critical issues, seek connections between theory and practice, and reflect upon experiences to guide students towards better leadership practices.


I am fascinated by a variety of topics relevant to educational leadership, yet spend the majority of my time in research related to school law. I am particularly interested in First Amendment speech rights of employees and students, immorality, privacy, and how legislation and policies impact education systems.


I provide presentations for school groups and professional associations in school law. I serve on the faculty editorial board of the Education Law and Policy Review, and serve as a member of the monograph committee for the Education Law Association.


My natural curiosity and penchant for research, combined with my love of teaching, make my career the perfect choice for me. Outside of work I stay busy with my family. When I find some time to myself I enjoy reading a good book, and pursuing artistic endeavors.