Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking initial teacher certification as well as programs for veteran teachers seeking advanced degrees and certifications. Whether you're an undergraduate student seeking to enter the profession, a career changer in pursuit of a teaching degree, or a practicing teacher interested in furthering your career, the UAB Department of Curriculum and Instruction can help you achieve your goal.

Department of Human Studies

The Department of Human Studies engages over 800 students. We offer degree programs at all academic levels and within four areas of study: Community Health and Human Services, Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, and Kinesiology. This department also houses two non-degree service programs, one in Educational Foundations, and one in Educational Psychology and Research.

Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services (OSS) is responsible for undergraduate academic advising, registration, processing graduate applications for admission, applications for degree, and certification. The OSS works diligently to support our students in achieving their educational goals in an environment that embodies the School of Education values of respectfulness, responsiveness, and innovativeness.

Office of Clinical Experiences

The Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) is responsible for organizing all student teaching internship placements for teacher candidates in initial teacher certification programs. The OCE works diligently to foster professional and collaborative partnerships with K-12 schools in order to enhance the teaching profession. Additionally, the OCE is committed to complying with state requirements to secure field experiences, when applicable, that will lead to the appropriate graduation and/or certification requirements. Field experiences are primarily secured by School of Education faculty and instructors.

UAB Regional In-Service Center

The UAB Regional In-service Center (UABRIC), operated through the UAB School of Education, provides free training, resources and services for teachers and administrators in eight school districts in Jefferson County Alabama. The UABRIC is one of 11 regional in-service centers established by the Alabama Legislature in 1984 to enhance the training opportunities for public school personnel in critical need areas.