Student Teaching

If you are in an ungraduate or alternative master's student in an initial teacher certification program, your student teaching internship applications are due on the last day of the week in January - one semester (not including summer) prior to the fall internship; two semesters prior to the spring internship.

Application for Degree

An application for degree must be completed by the specified deadline in order for a student to be considered eligible for graduation.

Fall Spring Summer
September 4 January 14 June 10
Fall Spring Summer
July 5 November 2 April 5


Teacher certification is issued by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE). In order for the UAB School of Education to process your certification application along with the other required documents and send it to the ALSDE, you must submit your certification application by the deadllines listed below.

Fall Spring Summer
November 1 April 1 August 1