UAB undergraduates interested in an overview of the health education or human services profession may opt to complete a minor in either Community Health (CH) or Human Services (HS). CHHS majors concentrating in CH often minor in HS, while CHHS majors concentrating in HS often minor in CH. Students majoring in the social sciences, health sciences, and business will likely find either of these minors particularly useful.

Program Checklist

Minor in Community Health

The minor in community health provides students with an overview of the health education profession. With courses such as Introduction to Epidemiology and Disease Impact, Global Trends in Health Education, and Drug Use and Abuse, this minor would be especially useful to students majoring in the social sciences, health sciences, and business.

This 21-hour community health minor will equip students with a more detailed understanding of how health educators can improve the wellbeing of populations at risk of injury or disease. They study health education, global trends in health education, epidemiology, personal health, and other related subjects. A few of the required and elective courses for this minor are taken online.

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  • Current Students: Vonetta Hardy
  • Program Coordinator: Dr. Laura Forbes