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Policy: Remuneration for Community Health and Human Services Internships/Advanced Field Experience, Exercise Science, Exercise Bioenergetics, and Sports Physiology and Performance

The purpose of the internship experience is to expand student knowledge, skills, experiences, opportunities, and exposure to real-world applications of their degree. If a student receives an opportunity for financial assistance and can fulfill this purpose, the Department of Human Studies views this as a positive opportunity that should be considered. Forms of financial assistance that would be considered acceptable and approved are:

  • Official paid internship positions
  • Internship stipends
  • Positions where the student is offered employment after securing the internship
  • Positions where the student is employed and offered to do additional hours/responsibilities outside of the regular paid position and separate from the job description of the current employment. (These responsibilities will be determined in collaboration with the site supervisor and student.)
    • If the above situation for remuneration is applicable, the student must provide the Employment/Internship Approval Letter from the facility supervisor documenting how the internships responsibilities will differ from current employment duties. These duties will be determined in collaboration with the student and the facility. The duties must be approved by the internship supervisor before site approval is granted.

The site must have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with UAB.