Counted as the first day of the student teaching internship.  Student teachers will be notified via email and an announcement within the Important Dates section of this website.

  • Non-hired student teachers will have a morning orientation.
  • Alternative Master's Program full-time hired teachers will have an afternoon orientation.
  • The Student Teaching Orientation is only offered on one day during a specified time frame, so it cannot be made up.  Attendance is mandatory for all student teachers.

  • Typically occurring one day after the Student Teaching Orientation, the edTPA Academy is designed to provide an introduction to the requirements for edTPA
  • All interns who are student teaching are required to attend the academy

All student teachers are required to attend the internship seminars that take place throughout the internship.  These seminars are intended to provide support, particularly with submission of edTPA tasks.

  • Refer to the appropriate program checklist to verify seminar course registration information
  • If no internship seminar class is included in the program checklist, attendance is still mandatory; if needed, verify with the applicable faculty advisor or the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences
  • Student teachers will be notified about the seminars via BlazerNet.
  • Held during the spring semester on one specific date on the UAB campus – date, time, and location will provided by the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences and at the spring Student Teaching Orientation.
  • Involves several school districts that conduct mini-interviews on site. 
  • Professional attire and a completed resume are required.