Building Emergency Plan
Do the people in your building or department know what to do in case of fire? What about during a severe weather event? Each building at UAB should have a Building Disaster Plan, and all employees should be trained on the actions they should take during emergencies.

Below is the UAB Campus Building Disaster plan template. Please copy this template and use it to make your own building or department disaster plan.

The plan is generic and contains the basic elements you will need. There is some text in red which should be deleted and replaced with information specific to your building/department. You may delete any portions that do not apply to your building/department, such as the references to multiple floors if you have a one story building. And, if there are special or unusual characteristics in your building/area which require additional planning not addressed in this template please add it.

Building Emergency Plan template google drive 16x16

EH&S will be happy to assist you with any planning needs or answer any questions you many have about the template.
Please contact Robert Emmons, Campus Safety Manager, at or 205-934-0063.