Disclaimer: Campus Safety does not grant permission to come onto campus property and coordinate the set-up of food trucks on campus property. This is done by individual groups and organizations across campus. Campus Safety is only involved in the safety and inspection process, once those groups have granted permission.

The Department of Campus Safety requires any campus department or student organization to take the following steps when hosting an event with a food truck:

  • Organizers must reach out to Campus Safety to request approval at least two weeks in advance of the event with information about the truck and where it will be located.
  • Food trucks coming on to campus need to be an approved vendor, UAB Vendor Compliance should be contacted to ensure all requirements are met. Once completed and approved the food truck operators should reach out to Campus Safety to begin the safety review process.
  • All food trucks requesting campus access must complete the approval process by Campus Safety to ensure compliance with local and state fire, health, and sanitation regulations regarding food truck operations.
    • All up-to-date licensing, permits, and documents must be provided at the time of approval request.
    • Food trucks will be inspected for overall safety.
  • Food trucks that set up on public streets are not required to go through this process, but those vendors must comply with the city of Birmingham's food truck policy. Only food trucks that request to come onto campus property will be subject to this process.
  • All food trucks must have an annual inspection from Campus Safety in date to operate on campus.

Additionally, there are limitations to the locations where food trucks are allowed on campus:

  • No trucks, at any time, are permitted to set up within 10 feet of a building.
  • Trucks may only park in locations approved by Campus Safety to ensure they are consistent with UAB rules, regulations, and other policies. The department will also ensure the setup is safe and accessible, including not blocking:
    • Sidewalks
    • ADA ramps and access
    • Fire lanes or streets
    • Traffic or university operations


General guidelines for food truck operators to abide by.