1. From the EHSA homepage, click “Safety Inspections” on bottom row
  2. Click “Uncorrected Deficiencies”
  3. Use the buttons at the top to check for deficiencies for different inspections:
    some inspections, such as Lab Safety, Radiation Safety, Laser Safety, can be found under "PI/Manager Inspections". Equipment Inspections show X-Ray Inspections or other equipment Inspections.
  4. If needed, click ▸ for appropriate inspection to expand menu
  5. Click blue Edit Response button 
  6. Scroll down to enter "Correction Notes"
  7. Enter the Response Date and name of person responsible for correction
  8. Click "Submit to Inspector" or "Submit to Inspector and View Next" if there are other deficiencies.
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for any other inspection deficiencies to address.
  1. Click “Safety Inspections” on top row
  2. Click “Inspection History”
  3. Select "Lab Inspection History" from "Inspection Reports" drop down menu near top of page