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lab workerDo you want to employ minors* in your laboratory?
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Do you want to have minors* volunteer or visit in your laboratory?
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Use these links: Consent for a Minor in Laboratories or Animal Facilities and Faculty Member Researcher ARP Director Acknowledgement of Minors in Laboratories and Animal Facilities Policy Form to access the required forms that must be filled out and submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development before a minor can volunteer or visit in your laboratory.

Do you want to have adult visitors/volunteers or visiting scholars work in your lab?
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* A "minor" is defined for purposes of these policy guidelines as any individual less than 18 years of age.

  • Minors less than 10 years of age and not enrolled in grade four or higher are not allowed in UAB laboratories or animal activity areas where there are physical hazards, where hazardous chemical, biological, or radiological agents are used or stored, or where laboratory animals are present.
  • Minors who accompany UAB employees to the UAB workplace for reasons other than participation in UAB research-type activities are not permitted in UAB research laboratories or animal facilities. Admittance to other UAB areas is subject to approval by the appropriate dean, director, or department chair.
  • There is an additional policy regarding protection of children on UAB premises and in UAB sponsored activities that applies to minors that are working/observing in UAB laboratories. All individuals that will have contact with minors or supervise minors in UAB laboratories should review this policy: UAB Protection of Children Policy. Any UAB employee, trainee, student, volunteer, or other representative that fails to follow this policy may have disciplinary action taken against them as described in the policy.