Due to the disparity of immunization requirements among many foreign countries, all UAB international visiting scientists, scholars, and observers are required to be immunized as outlined by the UAB International Student & Scholar Service and UAB Employee Health program. In lieu of being re-immunized, international scholars must present proof of receiving the required immunizations. If the scholar does not have such proof or has not been immunized, the scholar must be immunized against the specified diseases prior to attending, enrolling, or participating in UAB academic research, research observation, or clinical programs and activities. All International Scholars must be screened for tuberculosis (TB). Additionally, all international scholars and students from countries or territories with an TB incident rate greater than 20 cases per 100,000 population according to the latest available information from the World Health Organization must be tested prior to starting activities on UAB campus. This testing must be done in the United States and must be completed no more than three months before start of UAB activities. The type of testing will be determined by the UAB Employee Health Program.

The required immunizations are as follows:
  • 2 documented MMR vaccinations or MMR Titer demonstrating immunity (documentation for
  • 2 documented Varicella vaccinations or Varicella Titer demonstrating immunity
  • 3 documented Hepatitis B vaccinations or Hepatitis B Titer demonstrating immunity (if in clinical areas or working with tissue of human origin)
  • Tdap vaccination within the last 10 years
  • TB Chest X-Ray when you arrive to UAB- not before coming to UAB

All immunizations must be complete within 6 weeks of the international scholar’s arrival upon UAB’s campus. Immunizations must be paid for by the international scholars. TB chest X-Rays must be done in the United States. If any titer results do not demonstrate immunity, international scholars will be required to receive the vaccination. Any international scholars that do not complete the required immunizations within the 6-week window will have all facilities access revoked by UAB Physical Security via their OneCard and the discrepancy will be reported to the scholar’s Primary Investigator and the department. Immunization records must be sent to the UAB Employee Health program. Upon receipt of immunization records, the international scholar will receive a compliance email from the UAB Employee Health program.