Service: The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has a program that will assure vendors as well as companies moving potentially contaminated equipment either to another lab, to the warehouse for surplus, or back to the manufacturer for repairs that the equipment has been sufficiently disinfected or decontaminated.

Overview: Once you determine what the disposition of the equipment should be please contact us to consult with to determine what type of disinfectant you should use as well as precautions to take while performing the task. Biological safety cabinets that have been used as primary containment with biohazardous materials must have formaldehyde gas decontamination or vapor phase hydrogen peroxide decontamination. EHS is able to perform formaldehyde gas decontaminations. Under no circumstances should an individual in the lab attempt to perform formaldehyde gas decontaminations. After the appropriate decontamination or disinfection has been performed a form is available to complete and either fax or phone the contact person. Once the form has been received a time will be scheduled to come by the lab and place a Safety Release Tag on the equipment.

Contact Person: Dr. Kochurani Jacob
Phone number: 934-4798
Email address:
Forms or Guides:
Safety Release Form