The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies provides collaboration and support for the online courses, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and academic certificates, as well as continuing education courses, certificates, workshops, and conferences offered at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of eLearning and Professional Studies is to be an entrusted and vital partner that guides the UAB academic community in developing innovative and engaging learning experiences.

Our Positioning Statement

The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies is a comprehensive service provider that involves faculty, students, and other key stakeholders in establishing processes, guidelines, and procedures to support faculty efforts in:

  • implementing web-based pedagogy and best practices;
  • developing and delivering quality-focused, web-based, academic and continuing education offerings; and
  • bringing the UAB experience Online to expand access to UAB programs worldwide.

Our Staff


Organizational Chart


Our History

The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies was officially established on February 8, 2013, by a resolution adopted by The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama. The Office of the Provost established the Division to provide campus-wide leadership in four critical areas:

  • Develop innovative, totally online degree and certificate programs, which serve untapped, niche markets and produce increased enrollment and new revenue
  • Administer campus-wide, quality assessments of online educational programs for continual improvement
  • Help identify existing UAB courses and programs, which can serve largely untapped, niche markets and their conversion into online delivery formats
  • Develop a robust portfolio of new, unique professional study opportunities for non-degree seeking adults, which will provide a new source of revenue for UAB

2013 resolution establishing UAB eLearning and Professional Studies

Strategic Plan

In July 2013, the entire UAB community participated in developing a bold strategic plan for UAB eLearning that would lead the efforts of eLearning and Professional Studies from 2014-2019. The plan was created through:

  • A Steering Committee comprised of a cross-representation of key university leaders
  • Interviews with 17 stakeholders, including University Administration and Deans
  • Three focus groups comprised of the Instructional Designer's Consortium, Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee, and Graduate Council Advisory Committee
  • A public survey posted on the eLearning website for anonymous feedback
  • Working groups developed to align the priorities and objectives with each strategic goal

UAB President's letter to eLearning and Professional Studies about their strategic plan

Download the UAB eLearning and Professional Studies strategic plan brochure

Original Steering Committee

Jackie Moss
Chair; Asst. Dean, SON
Martha Bidez
Professor and Director, Division of eLearning & Professional Studies, PROV
Hughes Evans
Sr. Associate Dean, Medical Education, SOM
Elizabeth Fisher
President, Instructional Design Consortium, CSOB
Eric Jack
Dean, CSOB
Hassan Moore
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, SOE
Dan Murphy
ID Manager, SON
Betty Nelson
Associate Professor, EDU
Robert Palazzo
Dean, CAS
Donna Slovensky
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, SHP
Ken Tilashalski
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, SOD
Samika Williams
Director, CME, SOM
David Yother
Director, Enterprise Technology, IT

Strategic Plan Vision

Effective execution of the strategic planning process and implementation of the Strategic Plan will result in:

  • Consensus around and support for the strategic direction of UAB eLearning
  • Increased coordination and collaboration across all of UAB’s schools and supporting faculty in the development, delivery and evaluation of online courses and programs
  • Improved communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Alignment with the Schools' Strategic Plans
  • Increased competitiveness and opportunity to increase enrollment and revenue

Our Values

Respect: We Value all Voices

Service: We Practice Servant Leadership

Team Spirit: We are Part of One University

Integrity: We are Honest and Transparent

Ownership: We Find Solutions & Make it Happen

Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives

View all of the goals, objectives, performance indicators, responsible entity, resources needed, and timetable by clicking on the button below.

Download the UAB eLearning and Professional Studies strategic plan goals

Goal 1: Achieve recognition as a global leader in quality online education

Goal 2: Join the vanguard of online teaching and learning

Goal 3: Create a learning community of successful, online students who are engaged with the university, the faculty, and each other

Goal 4: Foster a world-class faculty who are inspired and professionally fulfilled by teaching in an online environment

Goal 5: Provide cutting-edge campus technology and infrastructure that ensures faculty and student success