Canvas and Technology Updates

  • Some new features are immediately available, while a few are feature options and are available for instructors to enable for desired courses.
  • The Dashboard List View displays all course To Do items in an agenda view to help students easily manage tasks across all courses.
  • Instructors can now embed UAB Library Guides in a Canvas course for students to use. Instructors can manually select which library guide and embed in a module or Canvas page or instructors can have Canvas automatically curate which library guide to have available in their course based off the meta data in their course name. Read below for more information.

  • Canvas has released a new feature that allows instructors to view an improved version of the Gradebook. While some of the features of the existing Gradebook remain the same, new features and enhancements are being added. These new features can make grading more flexible and intuitive, elevating the Gradebook’s overall user experience.

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