Yuzu logoYuzu can be accessed from Access eTextbooks in Canvas. Students will now be able to purchase course materials directly from within a Canvas course. In addition, Yuzu allows students to “Rent Faster – Study Smarter – Travel Lighter with Yuzu™ a free learning platform by Barnes & Noble College that lets you read and interact with your digital content wherever you are. Available for Web, iPad®, Windows® 8.1+, and Mac®” (www.yuzu.com).

CATME iconTeam learning can be enhanced by teaching students the importance of accountability and how to effectively contribute to a team. The CATME system provides tools that enable instructors to implement best practices when managing and creating student teams.

Instructors who would like to use this tool can request an account on the CATME.org website. Student accounts are created by the instructor automatically through the peer evaluation tools.


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CengageCengage Learning believes that engagement is the foundation of learning... Engagement is at our core and our focus is on engaging with learners, both in the classroom and beyond, to ensure the most effective product design, learning solutions and personalized services – all to help people learn.

CengageBrain.com is a division of Cengage Learning. CengageBrain offers textbooks, eBooks, eChapters, digital solutions, online homework, study tools, and textbook rentals.

Citrix Go To MeetingCitrix GoToMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software, which enable the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time.

Citrix Go To Training logoCitrix GoToTraining online training software enables your organization to provide live, interactive instruction to employees, customers and students anywhere, anytime.

Citrix's GoToTraining may be used in Canvas.

In GoToTraining, a faculty member or designated representative must be present before students will have access to an event.

FacultyEnlight logoFacultyEnlight is the new textbook and course materials tool, which gives faculty the ability to:

  • Research and adopt course materials in one place.
  • Compare the estimated cost to student and format availability before adopting.
  • Read peer product reviews and write product reviews.
  • Access past adoptions from the past two years (www.facultyenlight.com).

FacultyEnlight has been integrated in Canvas (learning management system). There are three primary features available in Canvas. They are:

  • Faculty Enlight - Faculty tool to research and select academic materials.
  • Bookstore - Bookstore for students to purchase academic materials.
  • Access eTextbooks – Student tool to access digital materials.

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Go ReactGoReact is a tool for teaching performance-based skills online. It is a cloud-based video tool that integrates a variety of feedback options and grading of student video assignments. This tool lends itself to communication and public speaking, interpretation, clinical training, evaluations, performance arts, etc.

From within Canvas, GoReact has three assignment options.

  • Self-Submit - This is the most common activity type. Students submit their own video.
  • Live Event - A live presentation where an audience watch, comment, rate, and evaluate.
  • Stimulus - The instructor posts a stimulus for the students to submit a time synchronized response.

With all assignments, instructor have options to allow time coded comments, real time ratings, markers, peer critiques, and rubrics.

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i clickeri>clicker is an audience response system, which provides user-friendly technology that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically in minutes.

Canvas LogoCanvas is the learning management system (LMS) used at UAB. All online courses are hosted through the Canvas LMS system.

Kaltura LogoThe Kaltura multimedia content management system allows you to record, stream and manage multimedia files. This is an industry-leading enterprise system that offers many robust tools.

McGraw Hill Education logoMcGraw-Hill Connect is a powerful online learning assignment and assessment solution for faculty to utilize Connect makes grading easy for you and extends the learning experience beyond the classroom for students.

NBC logoNBC Learn is a video library repository which is integrated in the Canvas learning management system. Video collections include content from academic institutions. The content of these videos was solely created by the institutions and has been reviewed by NBC Learn.

Pearson MyLab logoMyLab & Mastering is the world’s leading collection of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve the results of all higher education students, one student at a time.

Proctor U logoAt ProctorU we use humans to monitor exams, not robots or expensive gadgets. Meet some of our proctors that work with the cutting edge technology that empowers test takers to take exams from nearly any computer in any location around the world.

Task StreamTaskStream is a customizable, electronic portfolio application. It also has rigorous  assessment management and performance based instructional features.

Turn It In logoTurnitin is a plagiarism deterrent application that provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide feedback.

WileyPlusWileyPLUS is a research-based online environment that makes studying easier and more productive for students. It provides a recommended path for studying, feedback, and resources.

ZoomZoom provides cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings. Instructors can now use Zoom Web Conferencing tool within Canvas to provide a virtual classroom experience, record lectures, or host virtual office hours.