List View

Students are now able to change the default view on their dashboard to the new list view. Please review the student guide for details on what they will see in this view. Any item with a due date will automatically show in the students’ list of To Do items. Now instructors will be able to add Canvas pages and ungraded discussions to the list view as well.

When creating a page or non-graded discussion, instructors can select an option to add the item to the student’s Dashboard List view. This option allows instructors to help students remember to read a course page or participate in a non-graded discussion by a specific date.

canvas to do list

Notes on the List Feature

  • Instructors can select the to-do date and time for the page or non-graded discussion to display in the list. If an item is differentiated by student, section, or group, the item only displays in the To Do list for students who have been assigned the item.
  • These options are only available for pages and discussions at the course level and are not available within pages and discussions for individual groups. Instructors cannot customize non-graded items on a per-student basis.
  • Announcements functionality has not changed for the List View. Any announcements that are delayed display in the Dashboard on the delayed date.
  • All non-graded items display in the Calendar for the course. However, to-do items currently cannot be edited from the Calendar.
  • In the Modules page, any item added to a module that contains a to-do date also displays the to-do date in the module.
  • The Syllabus displays both due date and to-do items for the course.

For more information on the Student List View, click here to see the Canvas Release Notes.