Here is a checklist of important tasks that students should address before the official day of their online course.

  • Take the Online Learning Readiness Quiz to determine if you are ready for online courses (before enrolling in an online course)
  • Familiarize yourself and/or seek training to learn how to navigate and fully utilize Canvas, UAB's learning management system by review the Canvas Tutorials (1 month prior)
  • Prepare your computer to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for online learning (1 month prior)
  • Check your UAB email right away so you don't miss any important messages regarding online course announcements, deadlines and coursework (1 to 2 weeks prior)
  • Make a plan for how you will save and back up your academic work, including documents, presentations and other files. Computers crash. USB flash drives are easily lost (2 weeks prior)
  • Visit the GoToMeeting license page to sign up for a license for academic use (1 week prior)
  • Create or update your Canvas Profile (First official day of class)
  • Review the course syllabus to ensure that you have downloaded, purchased, or installed all academic technology and/or devices as instructed by the instructor (iclicker, Respondus Lockdown Browser, REEF Subscriptions, etc.…) (First official day of class)