Checklist of important tasks to be addressed for both online and face-to-face courses before the first official day of class.


(4 to 6 months prior)


(3 months prior)

  • Develop and design your semester course(s) either within your sandbox course or current semester course.

(2 months prior) 

  • Import new content or request (if you do not have the ability to do so yourself) that the previous semester's content be copied into the current course. You may want to copy your sandbox course into your semester course(s). 
  • Update deadlines, dates, notification settings, and materials copied or imported into the course. 

(1 month prior)


(3 weeks prior)


(2 weeks prior) 

  • Ensure technology tools used during instruction are up-to-date and included in the syllabus. 

(Prior to first day of class)

  • Request or add TAs or graders to your course(s). 

(First official day of class)