An online course has a majority of its content and activity delivered via the web. Distance learning offers students an opportunity to enroll in courses at UAB and learn from a "distance". UAB online academic courses and degree programs are typically delivered in three ways: online, distance accessible, or blended. Note: Each school or program at UAB defines online and distance course differently. It is recommended that you speak with your department leadership for more specific guidelines.

Here are the different course delivery options at UAB:

  • Online: These programs deliver most or all of the content online with no or few on-campus meetings. Programs that are delivered completely online are marked as 100% online. Please contact, if you have questions about whether an online degree or certificate program requires any on-campus meetings.
  • Distance Accessible: These programs combine the use of online technology with required periodic on-campus intensives.
  • Blended: These programs deliver at least half of their content online with the remaining content delivered via on-campus meetings.