Quality Matters logoFaculty may submit their course for a QM peer review for an opportunity to be recognized on the list of QM-certified courses. Courses that successfully meet QM Rubric standards in an official course review are eligible for certification and carry the QM certification mark that is specific to the QM Rubric version used in the course review.

The below list features faculty whose online courses earned an official QM certification. Congratulations to our featured faculty for their achievements of excellence and quality in online course design! We are proud of you! If you are interested in submitting your online course for a QM peer review, please contact Samira Laouzai.

List of UAB Quality Matters Certified Courses

Basic Marketing (MK 303)

Course Representative(s): Mickey Gee
Date Recognized: 2011-10-05

Business Communications (BUS 350)

Course Representative(s): Randy Kornegay
Date Received: 2016-05-13

Business Foundations (BUS 102)

Course Representative(s): Elizabeth Turnbull
Date Received: 2015-10-26

Business Spanish (SPA 313)

Course Representative(s): Malinda O'Leary, PhD
Date Recognized: 2015-05-29

Communication and Aging (CMST 481)

Course Representative(s): Cecil G. Betros, Jr. PhD
Date Recognized: 2015-04-08

Designing, Teaching, and Managing Online Instruction (BUS 001)

Course Representative(s): Elizabeth Fisher, PhD
Date Recognized: 2012-05-01

Essentials of Financial Literacy (BUS 110)

Course Representative(s): Ave Jack
Date Recognized: 2015-04-07

Found in Low Vision Rehab II (OT 679)

Course Representative(s): Elizabeth Barstow, PhD
Date Recognized: 2016-08-05

Found in Low Vision Rehab III (OT 690)

Course Representative(s): Elizabeth Barstow, PhD
Date Recognized: 2016-10-18

Fund of Financial Management (FN 310)

Course Representative(s): Stephanie Yates
Date Recognized: 2017-08-30

Information Systems (IS 303)

Course Representative(s): Sheila Harry
Date Recognized: 2016-08-24

International Marketing (MK 416)

Course Representative(s): Shibin Sheng
Date Received: 2017-06-15

Intro to Edu Research Design (EPR 594)

Course Representative(s): Jenna LaChenaye, PhD
Date Received: 2016-11-22

Introduction to Educational Statistics (EPR 214)

Course Representative(s): Melanie Shores, PhD
Date Recognized: 2016-11-02

Introduction to Exceptional Learners (ECY 600)

Course Representative: Betty Nelson, PhD
Date recognized: 2017-12-07

Introduction to Health Informatics and Health Care Delivery (HI 640)

Course Representative(s): Eta Berner, EdD
Date Recognized: 2015-04-07

Introduction to Research Methods (SW 320)

Course Representative(s): Lisa Baker, PhD
Date Received: 2017-02-07

Juvenile Corrections (JS 445)

Course Representative(s): Martha Earwood
Date Recognized: 2017-07-27

Legal Environment of Business (LS 246)

Course Representative(s): Stephen Yoder
Date Recognized: 2017-08-20

Lifespan Human Development (EPR 614)

Course Representative(s): Robin L. Fiedler
Date Recognized: 2017-12-18

Managerial Communication (MG 438)

Course Representative: Randy Kornegay
Date recognized: 2017-12-07

Principles of Accounting (AC 200)

Course Representative(s): Christopher Edmonds, PhD
Date Received: 2016-06-21

Principles of Epidemiologic Research (EPI 610)

Course Representative(s): Stella Aslibekyan, PhD
Date Recognized: 2017-09-18

Quantitative Analysis II (QM 215)

Course Representative(s): Xuan Huang
Date Recognized: 2017-05-04

Quantitative Method I (QM 214)

Course Representative(s): Xuan Huang, PhD
Date Recognized: 2015-10-12

Survey of Special Education (ECY 300)

Course Representative(s): Betty Nelson, PhD
Date Recognized: 2016-11-07
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