Find the answers to some of the popular questions we have received about the Quality Matters Initiative at UAB. If you have questions, send them to Samira Laouzai.

Can the QM rubric be freely used for educational research (i.e. evaluating web courses) or does there need to be special permission given?

All faculty at UAB are considered "Authorized Users" (Subscriber’s employees, agents and contractors that are authorized by Subscriber to access and use the QM Materials under the Subscriber’s subscription. Subscriber’s students may not be Authorized Users.) and may freely use the Higher Education and Continuing & Professional Education Rubrics for developing or evaluating courses. Users are not permitted, however, to copy/distribute the Rubrics or share them with anyone outside of UAB.

QM does have a Research department led by Kay Shattuck. If QM-focused research projects will be conducted, the best place to start would be QM website. Specific questions regarding using/citing the QM Rubric in research can be directed to Kay Shattuck.

Can the QM rubric be freely used for Continuing Education courses?

For online or blended courses that do not carry academic credit, the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Rubric is tailored to assist in the design and evaluation of instructor-led, mentored, or self-managed online and blended courses that have pass/fail, skills-based or other completion or certification criteria.