Zoom has been updated in Canvas to improve the experience and communication of meetings and recorded sessions. See details below.

Zoom Meeting in Canvas Course Calendar

Zoom meetings scheduled in a Canvas course show up as a calendar event in the course calendar with the Join link. This allows students to see scheduled Zoom meetings in the dashboard/course To Do list, course Syllabus page, Canvas Calendar, and the Zoom tab in the Canvas course.

Screenshot of how a zoom meeting looks in the Canvas calendar.
Screenshot of the To Do list in Canvas.

Screenshot of how a Zoom meeting appears in the Cavas course summary.

Publish Zoom Recordings directly in Canvas

Instructors can publish Zoom cloud recordings directly in the Zoom tab in Canvas for students to watch. Recordings are not published by default and can be selected to publish for students to view within the Cloud recordings tab in the course Zoom tab.

Screenshot of how to publish zoom cloud recordings. Detailed instructions are in link above.

For more information and guides, please visit the eLearning Zoom webpage.