The Blue Snowball microphone is a less than $50 option to bring high quality audio to your home and office lecture recordings.

The quality of audio in your lecture videos and other online class media ranks very high for your students and viewers. A simple microphone upgrade can make all the difference in voice-over (and any) type of media recorded for your course.

The Blue Snowball iCE microphone, widely available for less than $50.00, can provide a high quality audio solution with equally high ease of use. It is powered by USB, so it is a plug and play solution. It is compatible with Zoom, Kaltura, Camtasia, Audacity, or any other recording application. All that is required is that the Snowball microphone is selected as the source of the audio, if not auto-detected as the default device by your machine.

Audio clarity in your online videos is important. Background noise or difficulty understanding the speaker can be distracting for students.

The Blue Snowball microphone is available on B&H Photo/Video, which is an approved vendor for UAB for $49.99 before educational discounts.