By Randi Kirkland

Blended/Hybrid courses can earn formal Quality Matters (QM) certification.

In order for a course to have a smoother and successful review, evidence of meeting the QM standards should be provided in Canvas. It is hard to review what cannot be seen. Therefore, we recommend including the following in the Canvas course:

  1. Instructor introduction — text or video.
  2. Assignment instructions, instructional materials, and learning activities as appropriate. This might include the PowerPoint associated with a lecture given in class, an article students read to prepare for class discussion, assignment instructions, etc. If materials are provided to students through a method other than Canvas, those can be provided to the reviewers separately if needed.
  3. Measurable course and module objectives in the course in Canvas.
  4. Requirements for technology, communication, interaction, grading, etc.
  5. Clear information on which activities will be completed online and which will be completed in class.

See the pdfGuidelines for Quality Matters Official Course Reviews for Blended/Hybrid Courses for additional information.

The Quality Matters Rubric provides notes within the annotations of the rubric regarding expectations for blended/hybrid courses. If you would like to review these with an instructional designer or a QM Coordinator or would like more information, contact your QM Coordinators – Randi Kirkland and Samira Laouzai.