Canvas has recently updated the process for posting an assignment’s grades to be viewed by students inside the Gradebook. Instructors can prevent students from seeing an assignment's grade until they are ready for that information to be released. In previous versions of the Canvas Gradebook, this process was enabled by using the mute/un-mute grades feature. The new method is called Manual/Automatic Grade Posting Policy.

The new method is similar to the previous versions but the process has changed. Instructors should set an assignment to manual posting policy before entering grades for that assignment. The word Manual will display in the Header column of the assignment. This prevents students from seeing grades that are entered for that assignment. Once at least one grade is entered, an eye icon with a slash through it will display in that column to notify you that there are grades that students cannot see. Once you are ready to release the grades to students for that assignment, you can post the grades.

For detailed instructions on the process please see the Canvas Guides below:

Individual training on this process is also available, and can be scheduled by completing this form.