image of different canvas request formsThe eLearning Instructional Technology team is here to help faculty with all their Canvas needs. There are several useful forms available all on eLearning Canvas Request webpage. Read more about each form below.

Add/Remove Users

Need to add a course co-instructor? Have an approved TA? Working with an Instructional Designer? Fill out this form and we will get the proper approvals and add the users in your course.

Course Cross-Listing

Do you teach more than one section of course simultaneously? Cross-listing these multiple Canvas courses together allows instructors to only manage one Canvas course for the multiple sections but still differentiate things like assignment due dates, announcements, etc.

Course Copy

Instructors can copy their own content if they have access to both the source and destination courses, but eLearning is happy to provide this as a service and assist when content is needed from another instructor’s course. We will gain the proper approvals and get the content where you need it.

Sandbox Course Request

Need to start designing a future course? Request a Sandbox and we will provide an empty shell on your dashboard.

Incomplete Course

Have students who earned an Incomplete in your course? Fill out this form and we will copy all the content from your course and place just you and the student(s) who earned an Incomplete so that they can finish their course work after the original course closes.

Canvas Announcement

Have an important event or announcement to make across campus? Fill out this form and we can target your specific audience with information or a call to action.

eLearning Template Request

Don’t want to start from scratch? Fill out this form to receive a prebuilt template that instructors can use for their course that can contain a homepage, course information, UAB Policies, a syllabus, and a module structure.

Change Preferred Name/Pronouns

Did you know that you can display your pronouns in Canvas? Follow the steps on this page to enable/change your displayed pronouns in Canvas.

Need some other type of Support? Click the green Ask eLearning button on this page or visit to contact our instructional technology team who can assist you in getting the support you need.