We are excited to share new and upcoming enhancements inside the Canvas interface. Full details regarding these features are available on the Canvas Community webpage.

New to Canvas - Summer 2020

  • Instructor Course Publish Improvements - Instructors now see courses sorted by publish/unpublished state and can publish courses directly from the course card. Please note that the ability to publish courses may be limited based on your sub-account. Please contact your sub-account admin with any questions. 
  • Mute Notifications: Users will be able to mute all notifications by course where a user is enrolled.
  • Direct Share – Instructors will be able to share individual content to another instructor. Any assets associated with the shared content will be included in the shared file.



  • Assignment Allowed Attempts: Instructors will have the option to limit the number of attempts a student can make when submitting assignments. This feature must be enabled by the instructor in the course settings>feature options.
  • Batch Due Date Changer – Assignment dates will be to be adjusted at one time in the same location. The feature will be located on the assignments page and will display all assignments on a single page.
  • New Analytics - Shows course and user anlytics to instructors. Can be accessed in course navigation.

Recently Released in Canvas - April 2020

  • Assignment Submission Celebration: To help students engage more with Canvas and submit assignments, Canvas has the option to enable virtual celebrations when students submit assignments on-time, which includes both initial submission and any resubmissions before an assignment due date. If a student prefers to not have any virtual celebrations, they have the option opt-out all virtual animations.
  • SpeedGrader link in Canvas Gradebook: SpeedGrader will now be accessible more easily through the assignment’s menu in the Gradebook. When selected, each assignment menu will include a link directly to SpeedGrader.
  • Rubrics: The manage Rubrics buttons has been added to the Course Navigation Menu for quicker access and removed from the course-level Outcomes page.
  • QR Mobile Login Code: The QR code functionality will be linked in several areas in Canvas. The QR for Mobile Link can be accessed from the User Navigation Menu or from a user’s profile sidebar. This allows users to scan the code with the Canvas app on a mobile device to sign in to Canvas automatically.