A new feature available in all courses starting fall 2020 is Canvas New Quizzes. If enable, this tool can be used to provide quiz style assessments. Courses that are using New Quizzes are presented with two quiz options when the “+ Quiz” button is selected.

choose between new and classic quizzes


If you do not see the option for Canvas New Quizzes, you can enable it in your course settings under the Feature Options tab.

Please Note: The use of New Quizzes does not remove the ability to use Canvas Classic quizzes. The use of Canvas Classic quizzes will be avaible until 2022. Additional details about end of life for Canvas Classic Quizzes is avaible on the Canvas Community.

new quizzes option is selected


The addition of Canvas New Quizzes brings several new features including:

  • Ability to add partial points for question
  • Quickly duplicate a question type
  • Easily align questions to Canvas outcomes
  • New item bank features
    • Direct import into item banks
    • Tag new items/meta data
    • Search and filter items banks
    • Share those item banks
  • Quiz settings
    • Waiting period in exam attempts
    • Granular feedback
    • Shuffle Questions
    • Shuffle choices
    • Ability to add additional time for a student for all exams

Canvas New Quizzes also includes a few new question types. Below is a table comparing the quiz question types of Classic and New Quizzes.

Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes
Multiple Dropdown Categorization
Essay Essay
File Upload File Upload
Fill in the Blank Fill in the Blank
Formula Formula
* Hot Spot
Matching Matching
Multiple Answer Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
* Ordering
Text no question Stimulus
True/False True/False
Numeric Numeric

*indicates question type is new in New Quizzes

Additional information about New Quizzes is available on the Canvas Community page. We recently offered a workshop on Canvas Classic and New Quizzes. An archive of that workshop is available on the UAB eLearning website.