Screengrab of zoom meeting in focus mode. Zoom offers several options to meet your captioning and accessibility needs. Zoom’s live transcription feature provides automatic transcription and captioning (subtitles) at the click of a button.

Host Instructions

  1. In a Zoom meeting or webinar that you are hosting, click Closed Caption or Live Transcript in the Zoom toolbar.
  2. Select Enable Auto-Transcription: This will start providing live transcription. Participants will be notified that this service is available.

Attendee Instructions

  1. When enabled by the host, you will see a notification above Closed Caption /Live Transcript in the meeting controls, informing you that one of these services is available.
  2. If closed captioning is available, click Closed Caption to start viewing closed captioning. If live transcription is available, click Live Transcript , then select Show Subtitle. If enabled, you can also click View Full Transcript to view the transcript in the side panel of the meeting.
  3. If closed captioning is not available, you can request this feature from the host by clicking Closed Caption, then choosing Request in the popup menu.

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