A presenter in a meeting or webinar can give slide control to other participants, so that others can control the progression of slides for the presenter or when they are presenting their portion of the presentation. This avoids the need to ask the presenter to change the slide when they are ready, interrupting the flow of the meeting and presentation. Slide control can be given to multiple participants in a meeting, or multiple panelists in a webinar.


How to Assign Slide Control

  1. Start or join a meeting or webinar.
  2. Begin sharing a Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides presentation.

    Note: For more tips on sharing a presentation, please see these specific articles for sharing Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides presentations.
  3. On the sharing toolbar, click Slide Control.

    Note: This option will only be available when you are in presentation mode.
  4. Select one or more participants you wish to give slide control. The slide control button will update with the number of participants with slide control next to the icon.

After you’ve assigned slide control to a participant, they will retain slide control as long as you continue sharing. The slide controls will disappear if you exit presentation mode, but they will re-appear when you begin presenting again. You can revoke an individual’s access by clicking their name in the list, or revoke all access by clicking the Stop Slide Control button or stopping sharing completely.

How to Use Slide Control

When you’ve been given access to slide control and the presenter enters presentation mode, a banner notification will appear, informing you of the new access. The slide controls will appear just below the banner, in the bottom-left corner of the presentation view.

  1. Click the left arrow and right arrow buttons to move the presentation backwards or forwards.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the left and right buttons on your keyboard to move the presentation backwards or forwards.

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