Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system that allows students to vote on instructor-generated polls through text messaging (SMS), smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Poll Everywhere transforms one-sided presentations into two-way conversations with the audience. It lets you embed interactive activities directly into your presentation. Using Poll Everywhere in class can promote student participation and engagement. It allows students to actively participate in the learning process and respond to poll questions without being judged by their peers or instructors. It also improves the feedback process by quickly and effectively gathering students’ responses. Instructors can modify their instruction based on student feedback collected throughout a class. Extensive research suggests that students’ learning performance increases as a result of using real-time polling. Here are some ideas for using Poll Everywhere in class:

At the start of the class:

  • Reflect on the content of the previous class before moving on
  • Review assigned readings
  • Find out students’ prior knowledge about a subject

During the class:

  • A quick comprehension check to assess students’ understanding of lecture content
  • Discussion starter
  • Brainstorm ideas

At the end of the class:

  • A short formative quiz to consolidate what has been covered in the class
  • Get anonymous feedback on instruction and teaching strategies
  • Create a Q&A poll where students can up-vote the questions they want answered. Instructor can address the questions that rise to the top immediately or use them to plan the next class.

Please visit eLearning’s website to find more information about requesting a Poll Everywhere account and training sessions.