As students in the Masters of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management at UAB (ASEM) progress through our curriculum, they learn the prevention-through-design approach and how to design resilient systems.  They learn how to communicate complicated safety interventions to leadership and communities of practice.

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Students are also introduced to complex adaptive systems, which are key to helping prepare students for the complex environments present in the organizations where they will apply their safety engineering skills. Students explore new possibilities that a future in safety engineering can take them. While some of our students use ASEM to grow or begin a career in the safety field, other students use their new knowledge and access to our talented faculty to begin their own career educating safety engineers and managers.

Whether our graduates decide to pursue higher management positions or continue on to a doctoral program to start a career in teaching safety engineering and management, ASEM provides a foundation for both. The majority of our students are full-time working professionals who use the engineering and management training and tools they learn during their time in the program directly in their current organizations. Our graduates in this category can be found in over 165 companies, 20 government agencies, and all five military branches. For those students hoping to transition to an academia career, they have an opportunity to work with faculty who have similar work experiences and who can help the students understand the transition from the corporate world to academia.

Our program is 100% online and includes both faculty and students from around the world. We also maintain good relationships with our alumni, encouraging connections between our current students and graduates. This can help provide different perspectives and networking opportunities for both the students who are pursuing engineering or management careers in the corporate world and those who will go on to teach safety engineering.

We can talk all day about ASEM, but we know you'd rather hear from our students and alumni that have experienced the firsthand impact of our program in their careers.

"The program, first of all, taught us about systems thinking about how to apply that in a safety management space. So that in and of itself is a tool, and one of the most important ones. From there they gave you tools in risk assessment, hazard analysis, biomechanics, and contingency planning."

Alumnus, Ron Gantt, graduated from ASEM in May 2014 and is now pursuing his PhD in Safety Engineering at UAB.  Ron shared how learning the tools that ASEM provides has allowed him to be an efficient problem solver and think holistically when analyzing hazardous situations. Upon completing his Masters of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management, Ron is now the Vice President of Safety Compliance Management headquartered in San Ramon, California and leads their Safety Differently division.

"I think being a more effective problem solver, and someone who actually helps people better has really opened a lot of doors, and that has a lot to do with the program. The program is forward thinking and it's the most applicable to the things people should be doing in safety. You also meet great people, that's probably the best part. You get to meet people from across the world and you get to learn from their experience. Both the professors and the other students. It's a great program and I really recommend it."

Be Your Own ASEM Success Story

We hope hearing it straight from the source will help you learn more about our program, help you decide if you're ready to dive in to a career in safety engineering, and even draw up the questions that we haven't answered yet. If you are preparing to move into a safety management position, we invite you to schedule a time to talk with us or our alumni about your career goals and ways to accomplish them. Use the form above or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the conversation.

About ASEM 

The Master of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (ASEM) is the first master’s degree in engineering with a safety emphasis offered totally online. Designed for working safety professionals, the curriculum focuses on current industry best practices with an emphasis on prevention through design. The ASEM faculty and Practitioner Scholars are prominent industry professionals and researchers.