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Ranked 8th

Online Masters - Best Online Master's in Construction Management 2019

The Graduate Engineering Program was nationally ranked 8th
Best Online Master's
in Construction Management
by Online Masters.

Nationally Ranked

Badge OnlinePrograms GradEngineering 2017

The Graduate Engineering Program was nationally ranked 28th Best Online Engineering Program by US News & World Report for excellence in online engineering education.

Nationally Ranked

Best Online Construction Mgmt 2016

The Master of Engineering degree was nationally ranked third (3rd) by Affordable Colleges Online for Best Online Construction Management Program.

1. I am  
  Male     79.3%  
  Female     20.7%  
2. My age when I completed the CECM Master of Engineering Degree:  
  20-29     34.5%  
  30-39     36.2%  
  40-49     15.5%  
  50-59     10.3%  
  60+     3.5%  
3. I graduated from CECM in:  
  2008     1.7%  
  2009     3.5%  
  2010     1.7%  
  2011     6.9%  
  2012     19.0%  
  2013     5.2%  
  2014     5.2%  
  2015     13.8%  
  2016     1.7%  
  2017     6.9%  
  2018     34.5%  
4. My participation in CECM improved my technical skills. Consider all technical skills including accounting and finance, project management, software, standards and regulation, and generally the ability to solve complex problems.  
    StronglyAgree Agree NoChange Disagree StronglyDisagree    
    69.0% 31.0% 0% 0% 0%    
5. What industry are you currently working in?  
  Financial Services
  Construction Management   29.3%  
  Project Management   19.0%  
  General Contractors/Subs   5.2%  
  Equipment and Materials Suppliers   3.5%  
  Engineering   15.5%  
  Information Systems   0%  
  Manufacturing   1.7%  
  Military/Government   5.2%  
  Utilities/Public Works   12.1%  
  Education   3.5%  
  Architecture   1.7%  
  Other   3.5%  
6. My annual income has changed by this percentage since beginning CECM  
  Decreased by more than 10%   1.7%  
  Decreased less than 10%   0%  
  Stayed about the same   17.2%  
  Increased less than 5%   5.2%  
  Increased 6-10%   6.9%  
  Increased 11-20%   13.8%  
  Increased 21-30%   10.3%  
  Increased 31-40%   13.8%  
  Increased 41-50%   10.3%  
  Increased more than 50%   20.7%  
7. Have you been successful in acquiring related employment or job advancement, or in being accepted for further graduate or professional study as a result of your experience in the CECM Master of Engineering Degree Path of study?  
  Yes     86.2%  
  No     13.8%  
8. Please describe any other impact CECM has had on your career.  
  Since my last year of enrollment in 2015, I was able to take and pass the following exams: the AC exam from AIC, LEED Green Associate from GBCI, CAPM from PMI, CMIT from CMAA, SSGB from ASQ, and OSHA 10 & 30 from the Dept. of Labor. Also, I took the architectural engineering principles and practices exam, which I was able to pass to become a licensed P.E. I believe the CECM program helped me become a more well-rounded engineer in multiple disciplines and a more informed manager / decision-maker.  
  CECM impacted my career in many positive ways. The knowledge gained allowed me to take a larger leadership role within the engineering company where I worked. It later allowed me to transition into education where I can share my many years of engineering, construction management and architectural knowledge with students. Lastly, I feel that earning a Master Degree helped increase my salary, and has provided a better life for my family.  
  This program has improved my overall view about project management and I observe projects differently now do to the impact of CECM.  
  No impact for now, but seriously hoping for greater height. Considering CECM credentials.  
  I was promoted to full time Plant Engineering Supervisor when going through the CECM program.  
  Graduating at 52, this program brought me up to speed with all current software being used in the industry and I was able to stay competitive as my career is winding down.  
  Honestly the greatest impact has been purely having a master's degree.  
  Having the CECM degree solidified to my employers all of the capabilities I can bring to the company.  
  I am 4 weeks from obtaining my E100 license which is an engineering contractor license, will be launching my own engineering construction consulting firm this summer (3TECC).  
  I’ve received the opportunity to significantly further my standing in the Building Science and Construction Services Divisions at my company. Additionally, CECM helped me further develop my technical skills which enabled me to perform more advanced projects for my company’s clients in the AEC industry.  
  Since graduating from the UAB CECM Program I have been able to rapidly advance in the Project Management field in the government. Currently I work in the Energy field which envelopes both construction and Project Management. Having a Masters Degree gave me the competitive edge that I needed when I was competing against other highly qualified applicants. I have found all of the courses to be of great value for preparing me in my current position.  
  The degree allowed me to pre-qualify for several positions that before I simply didn't qualify for.  
  Confidence to continue in the career I was currently in and now the degree to go along with it.  
  The CECM degree has helped me understand the business side of running a company.  
  I took a pay cut from my previous career to get into an estimating position at the beginning of my program. Since completing the program, I’ve been unsuccessful in even getting an interview. I’ve applied for approximately 20 jobs.  
  I can honestly say this degree had a direct impact on my career. I have benefited both financially and professionally.  
  Obtaining the knowledge I have having completed the CECM course has broadened my horizons of future employment opportunities within the government. I am very pleased to be able to confidently state that I have the experience and education to achieve a specific goal.  
  Peace of Mind....This program has really expanded my knowledge base and I'm more confident asking questions regarding my projects.  
  The Project Management and Accounting aspects of the curriculum was invaluable to my current and future roles.  
While I have not received any direct job promotions, I do feel more qualified and better prepared for applying for other opportunities and future job advancements.  
I was promoted to Construction manager after completing my masters.  
  Degree completion lead to career advancement in the form of promotion.  
  Provided me with more confidence in presenting both my self and my presentation skills. It has also given me a broader knowledge outside of an industry I work in.  
9. The state where I resided while in the CECM track of study:
  Alabama     25  
  California     1  
  Colorado     1  
  Idaho      1  
  Ilinois     1  
  Indiana      1  
  Kansas       1  
  Kentucky      1  
  Louisiana      1  
  Maryland      1  
  North Carolina      1  
  Ohio      1  
  Oklahoma     1  
  Pennsylvania      1  
  Tennessee      1  
  Texas      3  
  Utah     2  
  Virginia      2  
  Washington      1  
10. The CECM experience was a great benefit to me.  
  Strongly agree
  Agree    19.0%  
  Neither agree nor disagree   1.7%  
  Disagree   1.7%  
  Strongly Disagree   0%