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Ranked 8th

Online Masters - Best Online Master's in Construction Management 2019

The Graduate Engineering Program was nationally ranked 8th
Best Online Master's
in Construction Management
by Online Masters.

Nationally Ranked

Badge OnlinePrograms GradEngineering 2017

The Graduate Engineering Program was nationally ranked 28th Best Online Engineering Program by US News & World Report for excellence in online engineering education.

Nationally Ranked

Best Online Construction Mgmt 2016

The Master of Engineering degree was nationally ranked third (3rd) by Affordable Colleges Online for Best Online Construction Management Program.

1. I am  
  Male     81.4%  
  Female     18.6%  
2. My age when I completed the CECM Master of Engineering Degree:  
  20-29     25.4%  
  30-39     44.0%  
  40-49     18.6%  
  50-59     8.5%  
  60+     3.4%  
3. I graduated from CECM in:  
  2008     3.4%  
  2009     3.4%  
  2010     3.4%  
  2011     3.4%  
  2012     16.9%  
  2013     8.5%  
  2014     11.7%  
  2015     22.0%  
  2016     0.0%  
  2017     3.4%  
  2018     24.0%  
4. My participation in CECM improved my technical skills. Consider all technical skills including accounting and finance, project management, software, standards and regulation, and generally the ability to solve complex problems.  
    StronglyAgree Agree NoChange Disagree StronglyDisagree    
    69.0% 29.3% 1.7% 0% 0%    
5. What industry are you currently working in?  
  Financial Services
  Construction Management   39.0%  
  Project Management   20.3%  
  General Contractors/Subs   6.8%  
  Equipment and Materials Suppliers   1.7%  
  Banking/Finance   0.0%  
  Education   3.5%  
  Healthcare   1.7%  
  Information Systems   1.7%  
  Manufacturing   0.0%  
  Military/Government   3.4%  
  Utilities/Public Works   12.0%  
6. My annual income has changed by this percentage since beginning CECM  
  Decreased by more than 10%   0.0%  
  Decreased less than 10%   0.0%  
  Stayed about the same   15.5%  
  Increased less than 5%   1.7%  
  Increased 6-10%   17.2%  
  Increased 11-20%   10.2%  
  Increased 21-30%   23.7%  
  Increased 31-40%   5.1%  
  Increased 41-50%   8.5%  
  Increased more than 50%   18.6%  
7. Have you been successful in acquiring related employment or job advancement, or in being accepted for further graduate or professional study as a result of your experience in the CECM Master of Engineering Degree Path of study?  
  Yes     78.0%  
  No     22.0%  
8. Please describe any other impact CECM has had on your career.  
  It has helped strengthen my resume which has propelled my career.  
  It helps when the company is bidding work.  
  I have had multiple job promotions since starting this program. I was able to go from part time to full time due to this program with the company I work for.  
  All positive and since it is rare in my industry, it carries a lot of weight.  
  I have entered into a management position.  
  I am employed now due to my degree.  
  The program helped me to obtain 30-HR Certified, and preparing me for PMP Examination.  
  It has helped me develop my knowledge and skill set of the construction industry. Earning this degree has made me much more valuable to my company and has opened many doors for other opportunities with the industry.  
  After graduating, I took the architectural engineering principles and practices exam and passed. I attribute my CECM degree and a preparatory class for enabling my success in passing this PE exam. Also, I have a solid PM foundation from the CECM program that has enabled success at my employer.  
  Increased confidence  
  Having this degree has allowed me to feel more confident and have gained the respect of my peers and by executives.  
  It improved my overall knowledge about construction project management and my level of communication with project stake holders. I was working as senior construction manager when I started the degree and before even completing it was promoted to construction manager.  
  I moved up in salary within one year of completion.  
  It demonstrates to my employer the skills and knowledge I have about the industry and how I can apply it to my current role.  
  Wouldn't have my current job if not for this degree  
  It gave me a better understanding of the industry.  
  CECM equipped me with invaluable project management, cost control and engineering reasoning skills that I utilize daily.  
  My job offers (Facilities Management/Project Management) to advance has been in the range of $100K+ to $170K+. Currently working on certifications and a few more years of experience. Currently in the $80-85K range which is a plus.  
  This CECM degree open doors have open meany doors for my career.  
  Has given me a more well rounded and comprehensive understanding of the Industry as a cohesive series of interrelated (co dependent) processes to realize consistent success.  
  I am now CM lead on multiple projects >$100M.  
  The diverse knowledge received and the credibility of the program continues to enhance my career today. I am a trusted leader within my department and have been tasked with many new responsibilities over the years.  
9. The state where I resided while in the CECM track of study:
  Alabama     21  
  Arizona     1  
  California     1  
  Colorado     3  
  Florida      3  
  Georgia     3  
  Hawaii     1  
  Idaho      1  
  Indiana      1  
  Kansas      1  
  Louisiana      1  
  North Carolina      1  
  North Carolina     1  
  New York     1  
  Pennsylvania      3  
  South Carolina      2  
  Tennessee      6  
  Texas      2  
  Utah     1  
  Virginia      4  
  Washington      1  
10. The CECM experience was a great benefit to me.  
  Strongly agree
  Agree    23.7%  
  Neither agree nor disagree   0.0%  
  Disagree   0.0%  
  Strongly Disagree   0.0%