ES431/531 - Analog Integrated Electronics

ES452/552 - VHDL Digital System Design

The UAB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineeringis a participant of Cadence Design Systems’ University Program. The design tool is used for both undergraduate and graduate academic research and class projects.

At present, the CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design, RF CMOS Integrated Circuit Design, and Digital Design courses are using the Cadence Design System for various class projects. In these courses, students use Custom Integrated Circuits Bundle to design analog, digital and RF integrated circuits. Students use schematic capture to design the circuit schematic, Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment-XL to simulate the circuit using Spectre simulator, and Diva® Physical verification and Extraction Suite for layout verification. After the DRC and post-layout simulation checking, the designs are submitted to MOSIS for fabrication and testing.

The faculty members, research associates and students of Power-Efficient Analog and RF (PAR) group and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) group are also extensively using the Cadence design tool for various research projects.

Faculty Contact:
Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Haider, Assistant Professor
Phone: (205)975-0321

System Administration Contact:
Thomas Foley
Phone: (205)934-8477


Tutorials for using the Cadence software can be found using the following links:

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