Commercial Refrigerator Incubator Module-Modified (CRIM-M)

Customer: NASA SPD  
crimCRIM-M is a single middeck locker equivalent thermal incubator for payloads requiring thermal control in the temperature ranges between 4ºC and 40°C.   A fleet of 6 flight qualified CRIM-Ms and one ground training unit were used to support microgravity research needs.
Locker Active Door Recharger (LADR)  
Customer: NASA JSC  
ladrDevelopment of the LADR was initiated in response to a request by NASA JSC to create a solution to recharge phase change materials that have been depleted on orbit.  The LADR mounted to the front of an ISS locker and was used in conjunction with the LoTEC or double coldbag to refreeze phase change materials. LADR was capable of maintaining payloads between -20°C and 40°C.