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While NASA may be our biggest customer EITD also takes on several small contracts. Services range from Rapid Prototyping to full product. When working with EITD you have full access to a staff of highly trained engineers in all diciplines and our top line machines including a laser cutter, several 3D printers, hardware, and EITD resources. If you are interesed in persuing a small project with EITD please visit our Contact Us page. 



Electrical Engineering

REMIS; The Research, Engineering, Mission Integration Services is a contract out of Houston JSC that the UAB/EITD organization teamed with Teledyne Brown Engineering to secure.  The team was awarded the opportunity to propose on new delivery orders as they become available.   


CASIS;  The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space awarded the UAB/EITD team an implementation partnership to provide guidance and services to experimenters wishing to conduct experiments with NASA on the ISS. 


Department of Energy; The UAB/EITD has been awarded a grant to develop an integrated on-line water sensor package for continuous water quality monitoring of flue gas desulfurization wastewaters which includes concentration measurements of multiple contaminants and measurement of common water quality indicators.


Lakeshore – RecTech; The development of a new commercial product is underway for an Active Video Game Controller designed to maximize accessibility for anyone, with or without functional limitations, on any video platform. This new product is designed to facilitate mild aerobic exercise in a large population that otherwise doesn’t not typically engage in regular physical activity as recommended for a healthy lifestyle.


3D with Shadow


UAB – Animal Research Project; The  goal of this project is to develop and validate a proof-of-concept low-cost, wireless and universally-compatible sensor system that will attach as a mice cage accessory and automatically detect and transmit individual cage conditions hourly to a cloud-based system used to integrate with existing animal facility management databases for real-time alerts and on-demand automated report generation. Cage conditions under consideration currently include temperature, humidity, motion, sound and location detection. Early detection and automated reporting and notification of cage conditions will prevent mice deaths from water system failures (humidity and temperature detection) and will enable the quickest possible intervention with commonly reported health problems , like ulcerative dermatitis and fighting (ultrasonic sound detection).