ME Senior Receives Unique Scholarship from USS Little Rock Association

2015 littlerock scholarship2Lauren Symmes is presented a Descendant Scholarship from the USS Little Rock Association by Association President Bill Stankiewicz. Symmes is the granddaughter of the late Alfred King, who served on the Little Rock from 1945-1947.When Alfred King joined the crew of the USS Little Rock in 1945, he couldn’t have anticipated how his service might impact his family 70 years later.

Earlier this month, a representative from the USS Little Rock Association presented King’s granddaughter, Lauren Symmes, with a $1,000 Descendant Scholarship during a reception at the School of Engineering.

The USS Little Rock Association provides two scholarships to third- and fourth-year students who are descendants of association veteran members. Symmes’ grandfather, now deceased, was an Association life member after serving as a crewmember on the Little Rock from 1945-47.

Symmes is currently a Science and Technology Honors student majoring in mechanical engineering. She has been accepted to the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) Program, where she plans to serve as a nuclear Surface Warfare Officer upon graduation and commissioning in 2016.

“My career path was greatly influenced by my grandfather’s decision to serve on the USS Little Rock, and I could not be more thrilled to continue his legacy in the United States Navy,” Symmes wrote in her application. “This scholarship would give me an opportunity to publically acknowledge the impact that my grandfather’s service has had on my own life.”

In addition to the Science and Technology Honors program, Symmes is also a member of Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and the UAB chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

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