ashley kimbelIt has been a whirlwind week for Ashley Kimbel.

The 17-year-old high school senior from Huntsville, Alabama, has been featured alongside Marine Corps veteran amputee Kendall Bane this week on the “TODAY” show and in other media outlets as the pair have been highlighting Kimbel’s engineering design and skills. The Grissom High School student designed a lighter-functioning prosthetic foot for Bane, which has enabled the military veteran to replace his previous heavier prosthetic and significantly improve his active lifestyle.

And at the end of Kimbel and Bane’s inspiring story and interview on “TODAY” — which you can view in its entirety here — anchor Craig Melvin asked the question that has everyone at UAB buzzing.

“Off to college next year? Where are you going?” Melvin asked.

“UAB,” Kimbel said. “I’m going to be in Birmingham. I’m very excited.”

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