The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department is presently developing its new strategic plan to push its research, education, collaboration, and service efforts forward. With our department’s diverse variety of specialization areas, spanning microelectronics and embedded systems, signal and image processing, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, along with our strong collaborations, our department is in a unique position to play a critical role in developing novel solutions for health-care problems to benefit our society.

Our department offers the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.) degree, which provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and design complex electrical and electronic devices and systems. For those seeking to build on the strong foundation established by the B.S.E.E. degree, we offer the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.), which provides advanced study in specialized areas of electrical and computer engineering. Our Ph.D. program provides further opportunities for advanced study and research in electrical and computer engineering related fields.

UAB ECE alumni hold many leading and critical positions in industry, national laboratories, and faculty positions around the world. Our Vision is to become a top internationally recognized department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a leading choice for undergraduate and graduate education as well as to play an integral role in critical interdisciplinary research efforts with worldwide societal impact.