Introducing the Imogene Baswell Society

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SOE Dean Iwan Alexander is pictured with some of the founding members of the Imogene Baswell Society. They are, from left, Shelia Montgomery-Mills, Viola Acoff, Maggie Weems, Mindy Lalor, Kristie Barton, LaQuisha Biggs, and Jeanne Otts. Click the image above to view a larger version.

In 1967, Imogene Baswell became the first woman to graduate from what would soon become the UAB School of Engineering. Since then, hundreds of female engineers have followed in her footsteps, and from those ranks, dozens of the school’s most accomplished alumni have emerged.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Baswell’s groundbreaking step, the School of Engineering plans to officially launch the Imogene Baswell Society in 2017. This giving society is being formed to honor the legacy of a pioneering graduate and to support the future of female engineering students at UAB.

Members are asked to make a $1,000 commitment to the Imogene Baswell Endowed Scholarship. Each gift will be invested in the University of Alabama’s Pooled Endowment Fund. Once fully endowed, the fund will generate earnings of five percent each year to be awarded to a deserving student, providing critical financial support to defray tuition expense and reduce post-college debt.

A Formidable Minority

UAB has a proud history of introducing exceptional female leaders to the field of engineering, yet women are still a distinct minority at all levels of the profession.
In a typical year, female students make up less than 25 percent of the School of Engineering’s undergraduate student body.

From those small numbers, however, have come huge contributions. In all disciplines, whether in industry, research, or academic administration, UAB alumni have proven that female engineers are more than capable of leading and shaping their profession.

Your membership in the Imogene Baswell Society can help celebrate the legacy of a pioneer while supporting the future of women in engineering. For more information about joining the Baswell Society or about making a gift to the School of Engineering, contact Victoria Allen at or 205-934-8481.