School of Engineering Fast-Track Masters

(Plan II: non-thesis option)

The Fast-track Master's (Plan II) in the School of Engineering is open to highly qualified undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree at UAB in any of the following disciplines:  civil engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering and mechanical engineering. Students admitted to the Fast-track Master's can take graduate courses during their senior years at undergraduate tuition rates and have these courses count toward the master's degree. After completing the bachelor of science degree, Fast-track Master's students will continue pursuing their M.S. degree. No GRE exam will be required to continue in the masters program. 

Students interested in the Fast-track Master's should apply to the program in their chosen department by clicking the link below. Additional information about each program can be obtained from the department's graduate programs coordinator Listed on the department's web site. Students are encouraged to contact the graduate program director in their departments for more information on the program.

For full consideration for admission to the program, the student should complete the following requirements before applying:

  • Students should be within 48 hours of graduation. 
  • At least 15 hours of course work must be completed at UAB.
  • Overall GPA for all college courses must be 3.0 or greater.
  • The following benchmark courses must have been completed with at least a “B.”

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Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Peters, Ph.D.
Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian, Ph.D.
Pillay, Ph.D. 
Littlefield, Ph.D.

CE 236

EE 300

MSE 280

ME 241

CE 337

EE 314

MSE 281

ME 321

CE 345


MSE 380 or MSE 464

ME 364

CE 360

EE 318

MSE 381

ME 371


EE 333

MSE 465



EE 337





Requirements for the Program:

  • 33 hours (all course work must be approved by the student’s advisor prior to registration)
  • 15 to 21 hours of technical course work in the student’s discipline
  • 9 to 12 hours of business related courses – students may focus these courses in several areas; business administration, management, entrepreneurship, or engineering liability/law.
  • 0 to 6 hours Internship:  Students may participate in an internship opportunity.  This is an option; an internship is not required.  If internships are conducted for credit, each discipline will have requirements associated with the internship. 
  • Students are expected to complete at least two graduate courses during their senior year so that the masters can be completed in a one-year time period.