Honors Coursework:

Honors programs require nine credit hours above the 128 hours required for a bachelors degree.

  • Students enroll in two one-hour honors courses no later than the junior year.
    • EGR 301 Honors Research I "Introduces students to research methodology, ethics, data analysis, and technical communication." The course will also enable each student to identify a research mentor during this term.
    • EGR 302 Honors Research II. "Introduces honors students to the research possibilities available in School of Engineering departmental honors programs." This course will include topics that focus on writing and speaking skills, with a completed research proposal as the outcome.
  • Students enroll in one one-hour departmental seminar which can be taken at any time in their course of study.
  • Students complete six hours of credit in honors research, MSE 497 MSE Honors Research, under the direction of an MSE faculty mentor.
  • Honors research beyond the required six hours can be applied as graduate credit.


Amber L. Genau, Ph.D.