Honors Coursework:

Students are invited to participate in the departmental honors program on the condition of a 3.25 GPA and completion of EGR 265 or equivalent. Honors programs require nine credit hours above the 128 hours required for a bachelors degree.

  • Students enroll in one-credit EGR 301 Honors Research I, which "Introduces students to research methodology, ethics, data analysis, and technical communication." The course also helps students to identify a research mentor.  This course is offered only in the fall and is preferably taken junior year.
  • Students enroll in two one-hour departmental seminars (MSE 496).  This can be done during any two semesters (spring or fall) in their course of study.
  • Students complete six hours of credit in honors research (MSE 497) under the direction of an MSE faculty mentor.
    • Completion of the departmental honors program with a B or better average satisfies three credits of either a Materials Engineering elective or an Engineering/Math/Science elective.
  • Honors research beyond the required six hours can be applied as graduate credit.


Amber L. Genau, Ph.D.